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Volume 49, Issue 1

Optimization of the Nicoletti Boundary Value Problem for Second-order Differential Inclusions
by Elimhan N. Mahmudov and Misir J. Mardanov

On basicity of perturbed system of exponents in Grand-Lebesgue spaces
by Migdad I. Ismailov, Vafa Q. Alili and Ilakha F. Aliyarova

Global bifurcation from zero in nondifferentiable perturbations of half-linear fourth-order eigenvalue problems
by Masuma M. Mammadova

Difference approximation of the inverse problem of determining the highest coefficient in a parabolic equation with integral conditions
by Rafiq K. Tagiyev and Shahla I. Maharramli

Long-run behavior of multivariate means
by Nadia Hamida and Anis Rezgui

Some Parseval-Goldstein type identities with illustrative examples
by Hilal Basak Karatas, Durmus Albayrak and Faruk Ucar

Commutators of classical operators in a new vanishing Orlicz-Morrey space
by Fatih Deringoz, Kendal Dorak and Farah Mislar

Exponential Stability of BAM-type Neural Networks with Conformable Derivative
by Aysen Kutahyalioglu and Fatma Karakoc

Applications of Cesaro Submethod to Approximation of Functions in Weighted Orlicz Spaces
by Sadulla Z. Jafarov

On the growth of $m$-th derivatives of algebraic polynomials in regions with corners in a weighted Bergman space
by P. Ozkartepe and F. G. Abdullayev

The boundary value problem for one class of higher-order semilinear partial differential equations
by S. Kharibegashvili and B. Midodashvili

Free rotational dynamics of an homogeneous ellipsoid with a stochastic flattening
by Etienne Behar, Jacky Cresson and Frederic Pierret

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