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Volume 49, Issue 2

Fast discrete solvers for nonlinear Hammerstien equations
by Mohamed Arrai, Chafik Allouch and Hamza Bouda

New Berezin radius upper bounds
by Mehmet Gurdal and Ramiz Tapdigoglu

Algorithms for recovery of diffusion and Sturm-Liouville operators with semi-separated boundary conditions
by Ibrahim M. Nabiev, Leyla I. Mammadova and Guldane S. Mammedzadeh

Nonlocal problem for a second order Fredholm integro-differential equation with degenerate kernel and real parameters
by Tursun K. Yuldashev, Zhyldyz A. Artykova and Shukhrat U. Alladustov

Justification of collocation method for one class of systems of curvilinear integral equations
by Elnur H. Khalilov and Matanat G. Sharbatzadeh

The new asymptotics for solutions of the Sturm--Liouville equation
by Elvira A. Nazirova, Yaudat T. Sultanaev and Nur F. Valeev

Non-Weyl resonance asymptotics for quantum graph with the Dirac operator on edges
by Anna G. Belolipetskaia and Igor Y. Popov

Scattering problem of the perturbed Airy equation on a half-axis
by Hidayat M. Huseynov and Afag F. Mamedova

Triangular representation of the Jost-type solution to the perturbed modified Mathieu equation
by Agil Kh. Khanmamedov and Gunay F. Rzayeva

First order nonconvex sweeping process with subsmooth sets
by Imene Mecemma, Sabrina Lounis and Mustapha Fateh Yarou

Some results of harmonicity on tangent bundles with $\varphi$-Sasakian Metrics over para-K\"{a}hler-Norden manifold
by Abderrahim Zagane

Restoration of polynomial coefficient in the differential equation of the third order
by A. M. Akhtyamov, A. R. Aliev, A. L. Elbably and N. L. Muradova

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